From the recording Whiskey In the Jar

    Whiskey In the Jar is one of our favorite Saint Paddy's Day sing-alongs.
    This complete acoustic live performance was recorded in stereo with the on-board x-y pattern mics of a Zoom H4 field recorder.  The device was placed on a fireplace mantle, facing the audience, behind and above the band, with the lead vocal and fiddle to stage right, flute and high vocal harmony at center, and the Center's acoustic upright piano with Peggy's low vocal harmony at stage left, which accounts for the EQ and mixing anomalies.
    It was part of a show Peggy, Carolyn, and Bruce did at the Eicher Performing Arts Center in Ephrata, PA on March 18, 2012, one of Carolyn's first gigs with the trio.  The first verse parody was a completely spontaneous ad-lib which has never been repeated.