From the recording The Duke of Kent's Waltz

Live, unedited recording from the Innkeepers' Civil War Ball in Gettysburg made on January 12, 2012.
  Bruce on five string viola made by Eric Aceto of Ithaca Stringed Instruments, Patty on her antique wooden flute, and Peggy on a Yamaha electronic piano.
  Recorded through Mackie VLZ preamps from the 1202 model mixing board.  The only effects we used were the onboard EQ.  The piano was recorded through a Stagehand Direct Injection box, set flat with no rolloff or ground lift.  The flute was recorded through a Midnight Blue 4000C from ATM.  The viola was recorded through an ATM wireless system with a pro 35X mic element clipped onto the chinrest.  The element was positioned above the strings just behind the bridge with the mic axis pointed towards the area in front of the bridge.